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Almaden Fast Car Club

A Small, Private, and Growing Car Club For Enthusiasts

Located In The Heart of Silicon Valley, Throughout The Sleepy Hills of Almaden

The Details

What We Try To Do


1. Actively work with local law enforcement to promote safety on the roads

2. Help each other learn how to diagnose, fix, and perform DIY maintenance

3. Teach one another how to use tools and navigate around a garage

4. Learn how to drive high performance vehicles safely while building relationships

5. Be mentored and mentor the next generation, network with one another

6. No putting each other down, we don't naysay, "can't" is not in our vocabulary, we like to try new things

7. Have fun doing track days, top-speed runs, scenic drives, partner events, and DIY workshops

8. Only performance and exotics allowed

What We're Not About

1. Sideshows and illegal street racing

2. Loud obnoxious cars that go pop-pop-pop

3. Disrespecting law enforcement

4. Sorry, no Teslas 😜

Recommended Vendors


Muffler or Exhaust Work- Bob @ Kwik Way Muffler (click here​)

Auto Detailing, Window Tint, Paint Protection- Alejandro @ Deep Reflections (click here​)


Mercedes Mechanic & Tuning- Wilson @ Stance Labs (click here)


Mercedes Mechanic- Nick @ Mercedez Benz Service Of Silicon Valley (click here)

Alignment- Aligntechs @ 1124 Old Bayshore Hwy suite 10, San Jose, CA 95112

Bodywork and paint- Jose @ General Collision: 408-797-7267 ... rock-bottom prices for bodywork and paint and a 8/10 for quality, perfect for a daily driver or salvage title repair

Paint and bodywork- Carlos at Dell Auto Group: 408-370-0189 ... first-class paint and body work for exotics and show cars, 10/10 quality but not cheap (click here)

Brake lines: Royal Brass (click here)

Welding and fabrication- Matt @ 951-318-2325

Powder coating: BR&F Spray, Inc. (click here)

Upholstery: T & N Car Seat Cover (click here)

Join Our Club!

Thanks for registering to our club. See you soon!

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