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Who We Are

PublicSq. and Hans & Company have joined forces because we share a common set of values and principles. 

We believe in freedom and truth, we protect life, we love small businesses, we support America, and we cherish the Constitution.

It's because of these shared values that we want to help you in your journey of building great software. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a startup, or anything in-between, we can help you.

You can count on us to be in the same time zone as you (no more early-morning or late-night calls with India), we cover any and all software stacks, and we can provide staffing by the individual or create full teams for you.

You can learn more about PublicSq.'s values here or about Hans & Company's founder here.

Please feel free to submit the contact form below or book a time together for 30 minutes here: Calendly.

Your Contact Information

We keep your information 100% private & confidential; we never sell it to anybody.

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