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We are easy to work with, fun to work with, and practical. You are important to us, so we listen. You have a need, we want to help.

Whatever it is that we're going to do together, we look forward to providing you with our services.


Grow Your Business

The big goal is to make money and grow your business. We understand that.

We also understand that this can happen through a variety of channels. An organic growth strategy, digital marketing campaign, reduction of redundancy, and a number of other methods are all ways to increase your profit.

You are our number one concern and we will dedicate ourselves to helping you succeed.


working together

There is an important difference between the average project manager and a Project Leader. We believe in the importance of collaborating effectively, communicating well, and creating value for all stakeholders. Hans & Company has experience running large programs, complex projects, agile teams, and offshore partners. 

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Vendor Management
  • Offshore Management

helping you manage change

When your company needs to pivot and create new value and beat competitors, we are here every step of the way. Change can be hard for any organization, but Hans & Company leverages practical experience, empathy & compassion, and a hands-on approach to produce real, lasting change.

  1. Leading strategic growth & direction within an organization.
  2. Reduce redundancy in roles, teams, and systems.
  3. Position your company for growth with clear roles, proper people allocation, and staffing models that match the company’s revenue strategy.
  4. Reduce costs and inefficiencies, leverage savings into growth plans.

people and process

These are the cornerstone of every successful venture. Having the right people in the right spots can make the difference between winning and losing. Hans & Company can help you create a thriving, innovative, and vibrant workforce that outpaces the competition.

  • Organization Effectiveness
  • Performance Improvement
  • Company Culture
  • Business Process Operation (BPO)
  • Lean Enterprise & Lean Thinking

Helping you grow

When organic growth is limited, mergers and acquisitions provide a path toward business success. This new growth promotes value creation, along with the accompanied challenges. Hans & Company helps lead you through the process with with a combined excellence in strategy, planning, and execution. 

Every acquisition has three parts, we help you plan for each.

  1. Due Diligence
  2. Transaction
  3. Integration

Improve your chances of a successful acquisition that brings revenue to your company by partnering with proven, trusted experts.


helping you discover purpose

What is your purpose and why are you here? What is your life mission and what impact will you leave for others? This is what we uncover as we partner together and help you reach your fullest self.