Greg is one of the leaders in the Phoenix community that continues to selflessly contribute his work towards the development of our local technology and startup ecosystem. He has done some great projects that outline all of the amazing things that our community has to offer and is a wealth of knowledge and insights on the data points that make up our story. Greg does impressive work, carries a strong network, and continues to execute on all of his initiatives.
— Zach Ferres, CEO of Coplex
Hans & Co combines a deep local professional network with aggressive consultant training to create an emerging forceful engine for business improvement. Greg guided my my company, a small aerospace manufacturer, in seeking and leveraging modern management tools and training material. Hans & Co has much to contribute to large and small businesses in improving internal processes and accelerating growth.
— Andrew Miller, Principal at EAA Tools
I had a difficult technical assessment of a software platform that had to be accomplished on a very tight deadline. Greg was tasked to ensure all deliverables were met. The level of coordination and regular communication were superb. I always felt informed and when issues or questions arose, they were dealt with swiftly. Greg’s team was fantastic, and not only would I hire them again, I expect to.
— Jason Simpson, Former State of Arizona CTO | VP of RevolutionParts
We live in an extremely noisy world where individuals, organisations, and nations are striving for meaning. Hans & Company, founded by Greg Hansen, is a remarkable organisation that truly understands the fundamentals of how to create sustainable value in a rapidly changing world
— Femi Oni, Founder of PurposeLab
For as long as I have known Greg Hansen, I have seen him as a man of vision, character, and integrity. His background in business stands irrefutable and his drive for success makes him a perfect partner in growth.
— Michael Goodman, President of Revenue Kinetics
I went to Hans & Company with an issue I was having with my software team. They provided sound advice on how to handle a delicate situation and move forward with innovation. I was impressed by their professionalism, intelligence, and strong personal values, and I now feel I have an ally I can turn to for guidance, assistance, and to fill the gaps in my own experience.
— Kevin Frei, Founder of Ethical Digital
Greg Hansen is an amazing individual and am proud to have him as part of my network. Exceptional, ethical, and wise beyond his years. He is an asset to anyone that works with him.
— Brian Yelm, CEO Technologyville
Greg is a great addition to the Arizona ecosystem. The future of our state & the creation of new business opportunities will be in the hands of young leaders like Greg. He demonstrates Servant Leadership and it is a privilege to be associated with him.
— Rick Stoddard, Partner at Coplex
Greg is a true consultant, who shows commitment and dedication to your needs from day one. He provides clear and concise guidance with recommendations. Greg is all about helping others first and providing impactful value.
— Darryl Keeton, Owner of Black Diamond Business Solutions
Few people build value for their network like Greg Hansen does. During the time I’ve known Greg, he has more than generously shared his professional contacts, that run deep in the innovative startup community of Phoenix, as well as his insights on where the community is headed. He has made truly amazing connections possible for us.

Greg cuts straight to the chase when it comes to get things done, as I have experienced on several occasions. His expertise and experience puts him in a class of his own.

I am grateful that Greg is an adviser of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in Arizona. Also, I’m envious of his reading habits. He reads two books a week!
— Joacim Mattisson, President SACC (Swedish American Chamber of Commerce Arizona)