The Ideal Consultant

Good consultants love to work with new clients, industries, and problems, and exceptional consultants find this challenging, exhilarating, and energizing. Consultants love change and pushing themselves to be better so that clients may be served more effectively. Terrific consultants share a common set of characteristics:

A Clear Communicator, Professional, And With Winsome Candor

Dressed Well, Professional, and Respectful

Analytical With A Keen Sense Of Understanding The, “Why?”

A Voracious Reader, Finishing 1-2 Books Every Week

Learning Constantly, Becoming An Industry Expert In Only A Few Weeks

Has Fun Working With Others

Enjoys Change, Challenge, And Charging Forward Into The Unknown

Physically Fit & Practices Wellness

Able To Understand Data, Trends, And Their Implications

Engages With The Community Via Articles, Speeches, And Networking Events

Socially Contagious, People Want To Be Around You

Competitive, A Winner, Wants To Be The Best